Supernatural Season 1-3 DVD Boxset £16.93

cheap supernatural dvd boxsetA frankly insane price for the first 3 seasons of the TV series Supernatural. ASDA also have this at the same price, after which the next best price is a whopping £34.99.

£16.93 at Amazon

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World War 2 Complete Collection Vol 1-10 DVD Boxset £4.89

cheap world war 2 complete dvd boxsetHave you ever wondered how the American’s view the events of World War II? Well, now you can. This boxset is completely biased towards the American point of view, neglecting the European war effort and focusing instead on how America “won the war”. A complete rewrite of history maybe, with all major non-American events omitted,  but could be an experience worth just £4.89 for a 5 DVD Boxset?

£4.89 at Sendit

Cracker Complete DVD Boxset £9.99 at HMV

cheap cracker dvd boxsetAn amazing price for this, the complete collection of Cracker, starring Robbie Coltrane as the arrogant, slightly disturbed criminal psychologist Dr. Eddie ‘Fitz’ Fitzgerald.

£9.99 at HMV

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Peep Show Complete Series 1-5 (5 DVD Boxset) £9.99

cheap peep show dvdA superb price for 5 complete series of this highly acclaimed comedy show from David Mitchell and Robert Webb.

£9.99 at HMV

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A new sale at – the “Spring Sale”, with DVDs from £2.99 and Blu Rays from £5.99.

Toy Story Blu Ray (and others) £6 each in BOGOF!

Some massive bargains to be had in the Amazon BOGOF deal that started today – it seems that they have reduced a whole load of titles to just £12 each. Get Toy Story 1 and 2 Blu Ray for just £6 each! Bargain of the century!


Star Trek XI £5

cheap star trek XI dvdIts taken a while, but finally this title has dropped to a level that makes it attractive to the casual buyer. It HAS to be worth £5 of anybody’s money. Next best price is £5.99 at HMV.

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Goodnight Sweetheart Complete DVD Collection £17.95

cheap goodnight sweetheart dvd boxsetMeet Mr Gary Sparrow, just an ordinary bloke with an extraordinary life; almost a devoted and attentive husband, and a sometimes loyal and dependable best friend. By day a very bored and uninspired TV repairman, and, by night, an accidental time traveller extraordinaire. Among the anonymous streets of Whitechapel you will find a strange alley called Duckett’s Passage. It looks to you and I like any other alleyway, but for Gary Sparrow it leads to a war torn London, to barrage balloons and the Blitz, and, in particular, to a little pub called The Royal Oak, to a lonely barmaid called Phoebe.

£17.95 at The Hut

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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince DVD £3.99

cheap harry potter half blood dvd Seems like a terrific price for the 2 disc edition of the latest Harry Potter movie. Next best price is £5 at Play.

£3.99 at Amazon

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Inglourious Basterds DVD £5.99

cheap inglourious basterds dvdWe posted this just a couple of days ago at the terrific price of £7.99. Here we are, not 48 hours later, and Amazon have dropped their price to just £5.99. Stunning price – if you like Tarantino, you won’t be disappointed!

£5.99 at Amazon

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Lost Complete Seasons 1-5 DVD Boxset £69.99

cheap lost season 1-5 dvd boxsetIs anyone still watching Lost? I must admit, I started to drift after season 3 and am currently still only on Season 4 Episode 1. Too many questions, not enough answers. But, now may be the time to catch up, with Lost about to enter it’s final season where all will be revealed. This boxset contains the first 5 seasons, with only the final season not included. Next best is Amazon at £70.34 (odd price?) and then £129.99.

Lost Seasons 1-5 DVD Boxset £69.99 at HMV

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Skins Series 1-3 DVD Boxset £13.95

cheap skins dvd boxsetFast-paced and full of angst-ridden fun Skins may be based on teenage characters and aimed at a teenage audience but its content is strictly adult. Watch as eleven teens struggle with highly-charged issues of race religion sexuality drugs and food disorders. With a solid set of good actors expect the drama to consist of a lot of well-played emotional ups and downs. Contains the first 3 series.

£13.95 at Zavvi

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Hustle Series 1-4 DVD Boxset £17.85

cheap hustle dvd boxsetA great price for 4 complete series of the BBC drama series Hustle, following a group of con-men (and women) who pull scams and hustles. Next best price (excluding the 5 or 6 Hut Group companies) is £29.99 at DVD Source.

£17.85 at Zavvi

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March Madness at Play

Play have a one day sale today (9th March 2010) across their product ranges, with some really good prices. Definately worth a look.

March Madness (9th March 2010) at Play

The Hurt Locker DVD £7.99

cheap hurt locker dvdWinner of “Best Director” and a host of other awards at this morning’s Oscars, Kathryn Bigelow’s The Hurt Locker follows an elite bomb disposal unit in war-torn Iraq. Next best price is £9.85 at The Hut.

£7.99 at Amazon

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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince DVD £5

cheap harry potter half blood prince dvdThe sixth installment of the Harry Potter franchise sees Harry and his friends continue the fight against “He Who Must Not Be Named” and his evil band of Death Eaters. Next best price is £6.95 at The Hut.

£5 at Play

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