O2 Joggler Half Price – now just £49.99!

cheap o2 jogglerThe rather excellent O2 Joggler has been reduced to just £49.99 from £99.99. The Joggler is the size of a digital photo frame and offers a number of funcions. It connects via your home WI-FI to give you:

  • Digital Photo Frame
  • Touch Screen
  • Internet radio with around 100 radio stations, powered by PURE
  • Plays & stores photos, music and videos
  • Receives and sends text messages to UK mobiles
  • Provides the latest news, sports and weather from Sky
  • O2 Family Calendar

Sound too good to be true? Well, there are a couple of annoyances. The navigation can be a touch annoying at times, and it is mains-powered only (no battery). But here’s the best part: You can install Ubuntu LINUX on this little beauty, giving you access to a huge number of applications such as Google Chrome web browser. Using Ubuntu Linux, you can also do some pretty cool stuff like watch BBC TV.

A major, major bargain at £49.99.

O2 Joggler £49.99 at O2 Shop

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One Response to “O2 Joggler Half Price – now just £49.99!”

  1. Simon Gordon says:

    I got one a while ago for the same price and it’s really good, I use it mostly as a digital radio, which cost about that price anyway but without all the other features.

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